AUDITIONS for Steel Magnolias Monday, February 18, 6:30 pm EIU, Coleman Hall, Rm 1210

Charleston Community Theatre announces auditions for Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling.

 About the Show:

 The show will be directed by Richard G. Jones, Jr. and produced by Kathy Davis.

 The performances are April 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, and 14.

 The cast features six women with ages ranging from 20s – 70s.

 Note: the ages referenced in the character descriptions are just a guide, so please don’t exclude yourself from auditioning due to age. We also encourage women of all races and ethnicities to audition.

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 Character Descriptions:

 Truvy: 40-year-old owner of a small-town beauty shop. She knows everyone’s business and shares it with anyone who will listen. Southern Belle. She always has advice for you, and they often come in the form of country sayings.

 Annelle: very shy twenty-year-old hair-dresser. She goes from a very soft-spoken person to a bible-loving Christian with her heart on her sleeve.

 Clairee: 60-year-old widow of the former mayor of Chinquapin. She is wealthy and also knows everyone’s business. She is the sarcastic member of the group. She loves to laugh and poke fun at the little things that others cry over. She is very close with Ouiser.

 Shelby: Roughly 25-year-old diabetic young lady. Prettiest girl in town, and loved by all. She has a weird relationship with her mother, and often rebels just for the sake of rebellion.

 M’Lynn: 50-year-old mother of Shelby. She is over-protective at times and finds the need to have a firm grasp on the world at all times. She is a busy woman who worries too much for her age.

 Ouiser (pronounced Weezer): She is the same age as Clairee. She is a wealthy old bitty. She is a loveably miserable lady, though. Her unique personality and sense of humor is a great relief in the serious scenes. She is very close to Clairee.



Audition Information:

 Monday February 18th, 6:30 pm, Coleman Hall, room 1210 on EIU’s Campus

 Note: you must be present and checked in by 7:00 pm to audition

 Callbacks, if needed, will be scheduled later in the week.

 Please bring a list of previous theatre experience, if any. Note: no experience is required to audition.

 All those auditioning should prepare a 1-2 minute dramatic monologue (memorized preferred). You can choose any dramatic monologue, but please do not prepare anything from Steel Magnolias. See our Facebook page for some links to suitable monologues.

 Please contact the director at with any questions.




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